About Us


Air Cargo Services SRL is the first General Sales and Services Agency having 100% Romanian ownership and capital. Our main object of activity is providing neutral air cargo sales and handling services, to the Airlines on one hand, to the freight forwarding companies on the other.

Our Mission

We heartily affirm that the Principals represented by us are actually the ones defining ACS as entity.
This statement discloses our main aim: becoming the airline’s interface in the market by maintaining
the carrier’s identity while promoting its services. Therefore, Air Cargo Services’ primary mission is to
achieve the very best Principal representation in the territory.

Our Values

Proactiveness and open-mindedness

These are two of the most contentious, at the same time craved for, values of all times, and that is because people tend to talk a lot about them. Instead of just speaking about proactiveness and open-mindedness we have assimilated the two as guiding principles of Air Cargo Services.

Feedback and transparency

Clear and prompt feedback along with communication transparency in the daily interaction with our business collaborators represent two of our most important core values meant to build and sustain a trustworthy partnership.

Innovation and excellence

ACS’ bone structure lies within its people, chosen to be creative professionals. The team always endeavours to accomplish the set goals by delivering innovative and superlative services.

ACS Commitment

As an agency specialized in providing services, Air Cargo Services is strongly committed to dealing with our business collaborators in such a particular and personalized manner so that it makes them feel unique. In this regard, we firmly believe that customizing the supplied services for each partner we handle is essential, therefore ACS rapidly and readily adapts to suit the clients’ specific requirements, delivering tangible results in the shortest time possible.