Why Choose Us?

To everywhere on the globe

Air Cargo Services is keen to constantly identify unexploited potential for new routes in order to cover the largest variety of destinations all over the world.

Maximum optimization

ACS is permanently focused on maintaining an optimized mixed-balance between global & local freight forwarding enterprises.

Wide variety of product

One of the company strengths consists of a well-developed range of services which are meant to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations.

Feedback and transparency

Clear and prompt feedback along with communication transparency in the daily interaction with our business collaborators represent two of our most important core values meant to build and sustain a trustworthy partnership.


Destination/Commodity/Number of pieces and gross weight/Dimensions/Stackable or not/Date of readiness

This piece of info helps the airline to determine the required space of the shipment in the aircraft and to calculate the volume capacity used.

Chargeable weight is what the airline uses to determine the cost of your shipment. It may be either volumetric weight or gross weight, whichever is greater.

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